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(AC) Stilt Workshop with Naya El

$30 Purchase required to enroll
Workshop Description: Join Naya for a stilt workshop grounded in Afro Caribbean tradition and inspired by the Moko Jumbie figures of Trinidad. Participants will honor and learn about the history of the stilt-walking tradition in the Caribbean while playing and building upon Afro Caribbean movements that dance with the melodies of reggae, soca, and afro beats rhythms.

About me: Naya (ny-ah) first learned how to walk on stilts 6 years ago as a BUST participant at Wise Fool New Mexico. Shortly after she began diving into her own personal relationship to the stilt walking practice. Informed by her history as a Jamaican raised in multiple continents, she began to study the Afro Caribbean tradition of stilt walking under the guidance of Ali Sylvester (Trinidad) of Brooklyn Jumbies and Julio Thijs (Guyana) founder of Bosie Sage. She now leads a group called "moko.motion" that uplifts ancestral wisdom & preserves folk stories of the Caribbean & African diaspora through movement and the stilt walking tradition.

Social Media info:
Instagram: @moko.motion and @ororosmoon
Facebook: @Naya El
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