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(AC) Poi and Slacklining with Eli

$25 per class From $28 per visit with (AC) Purple - 6 Week Sesssion pass No purchase required to enroll
Slacklining All Levels:No matter your experience in slacklining this class will offer you the next steps to progress in the direction you want to. You can learn the basics of sitting and standing on a line, dynamic and static tricks, and all the fundamentals you need to be able to highline. We will also explore surfing on rodeo lines, and using props on a line, ex: juggling, hoops, poi, anything you could imagine. Strengthen your core and mind through the art of slacklining. A multidimensional slackline class to have fun and get creative with balance.

Eli's Bio:
Eli is a multifaceted artist who practices highlining, fire dancing, juggling, acro, and painting. He is self taught, and has been learning since he was 16. Since then, he has been building community around movement arts, performing and teaching at festivals. He spent three years as a wilderness therapy guide, creating and facilitating powerful experiences to help people (ages 12-28) grow and learn about themselves. After guiding in wilderness therapy, Eli combines elements of mental well being with his creative practices. The empowerment and self discovery that comes with circus arts is a huge part of what Eli feels passionate about incorporating into his classes.