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(AC) Intermediate/Advanced Sling Choreography with Lena Alani

$55 per class No purchase required to enroll
In this workshop we will explore dynamic hammock moves and pathways, implementing momentum, twirly mounts, innovative rollups, unexpected twists and fun transitions. Get ready to fall in love with the hammock! We will be working on combining technique, creativity, execution, and learning fun innovative moves and combos on a sling.
*Prerequisites: This workshop is designed for Intermediate/advanced students. Hammock experience is suggested but not required, ability to invert on the ground and in the air multiple times.

Lena Alani is a multidisciplinary circus artist and coach, specializing in vertical apparatus like rope, hammock, silks and straps. Lena has been on stage since 2012, performing and creating work with various entertainments companies, touring shows and festivals across the US. Her style in the air is powerful and dynamic, yet soft, fluid and graceful, hyper-focused on seamless transitions and proper technique,. Highly motivated and passionate about aerial arts, movement and dance Lena loves sharing her aerial technique with students across the world. It is very important to be able to create a fun and safe environment for students, and approach a class with compassion, encouragement and patience. She will guide students through fun dance warm-ups, which prepare body for movement on the floor and in the air, and focus not only on important skills and progressions, but also on the ability of connecting moves together, weaving them with seamless transitions, and learning how to be efficient, powerful and graceful in the air.