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Series Classes & Workshops

Series classes require students to be enrolled for all class dates within the series. Drop-ins are not permitted.

This class model allows you to accelerate your learning journey. Each class is thoughtfully crafted to build upon the knowledge gained in the previous one, creating a more seamless path to achieving your goals. This structure also enables coaches to provide more personalized guidance, ensuring you receive the support you need to excel in every class.

Forge meaningful connections with your fellow students! With a consistent cohort of students in each series, you’ll have the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and build lasting connections. As you progress through the series together, you’ll share challenges, victories, and a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond the classroom.

Please email studio@wisefoolnm.org if you need ASL interpretation or another type of accommodation, or with any question or help with registration.

(AC) SERIES: Fundamentals of Butoh $232 Purchase required to enroll

This class is a beginner-level Butoh course that will focus on the presence and stillness of the body-mind system.

(AC) LIMITED SERIES: Static Trapeze $132 Purchase required to enroll

Trapeze is the quintessential circus discipline, and a great way to build strength and coordination for other aerial apparatuses. Using bars at various heights, learn to use momentum, balance and skills on the bar and in the ropes.

4 Class Limited Series on Select Dates:

August 10th, August 17th, September 7th, and September 14th

(AC) LIMITED SERIES: Single-Point Trapeze $132 Purchase required to enroll

Learn skills and use prompts for creative choreography on the floor, in the ropes, and on the bar.

4 Class Limited Series on Select Dates:

August 10th, August 17th, September 7th, and September 14th

(AC) SERIES: Aerial Fabrics- Mixed Levels $198 Purchase required to enroll

Learn or further develop the fundamentals of aerial fabric, sometimes called “silks.” This course will include climbing, wraps, foot-locks, drops, and poses. From conditioning and basic skills to explorations in choreography, fabrics are a fun way to build core strength and flexibility while defying gravity!

As a Series Class, you will be building skills from week-to-week with your fellow students. Each class will build off the last as you climb to greater heights!

(AC) SERIES: Trapeze Conditioning $198 Purchase required to enroll

This class is intended for those who are looking to increase their strength, body awareness, and stamina.

Perfect for students who want to take their aerial skills to the next level and have confidence in performing longer acts and keep their fitness baseline up.

(AC) LIMITED SERIES: Beginner Rope $132 Purchase required to enroll

Aerial rope, also known as corde lisse, is a challenging but exciting aerial apparatus. Students will learn to climb, hold themselves in various positions, wrap for and perform drops, and explore movement quality.

This beginner-level series is suitable for students with no experience, through students who are working on beats, inversions, and multiple climbs. We will work on level-appropriate skills, sequences, and creative choreography in a progressive format.

(TT) Afterschool Fools: Teen Troupe $750 Purchase required to enroll

Join Wise Fool's Teen Troupe for ages 13-18 and take your circus skills to the next level. Designed for students with at least 1 year experience in a Wise Fool program.

14 week program from August 26 - December 6 (Fall 2024), culminating in a performance and show & try for families in the final week

(AC) WORKSHOP: Stiltwalking $35 per class From $29 per visit with (AC) Ground: 6-Class Package pass No purchase required to enroll