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Special Workshops

We are offering our community a fun and action packed week of workshops in circus and dance! Join us for Spring Workshop Week every day from April 30 to May 7!

Please email amelia@wisefoolnm.org if you need ASL interpretation or another type of accommodation, or with any question or help with registration.

Workshops are offered on a sliding scale of $10-20/ hour. Classes are listed here at $20 an hour. Please use the following discount codes to adjust how much you want to pay. Alternatively, please contact Amelia and she can help you get set up:

$10 is the Discounted Rate - This would be a 50% discount. Use code PAYHALF
$15 - this rate covers costs - This would be a 25% discount. Use code TWENTYFIVEPERCENTOFF
$20 - Abundance! This rate helps support others attending this workshop.

(CA) CircAspire Free Purchase required to enroll

Family Tap Dance with Sam $40 per class No purchase required to enroll

Games! $40 per class No purchase required to enroll

Duo Lyra Shapes with Joanna $40 per class No purchase required to enroll

Stilts with Kristen $30 per class No purchase required to enroll

Tap Dance with Sam $40 per class No purchase required to enroll

Laban and Elemental Play Workshop $100 per class No purchase required to enroll

The Creative Process with Sandi Croft $30 per class No purchase required to enroll

Shadow Puppetry Workshop $25 per class From $22 per visit with (AC) Green Class Session Pass pass No purchase required to enroll

Flarial Dynamite with Elise $55 per class A credit card is required to enroll but isn't charged until the time of service.

Our beloved coach is back in town and is offering a workshop in Aerial Fabrics. Come learn some of the stunning news tricks and skills Elise has offered to share with the Wise Fool community!

FLAIRIAL DYNAMITE: An Aerial Silks Workshop (2 Hrs including warm up & cool down)
Do you want to put your own personal signature on a move that everyone else can do? Are you at the point with your silks training where you watch yourself and it doesn’t look as exciting as it feels? Through learning new sequences as well as working with positions you are already
familiar with, we will incorporate new silk manipulation, body positioning, and spinning to give you the tools to develop unique and dynamic work. Let’s show that silk who’s boss!
Prereq: 1 Straddle up in the air, Hip Key in the air
Maximum: 8 students

Elise Southwick is an award winning circus artist based in San Francisco, CA. She performed aerial harness in the Broadway Play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” and was a principal aerialist on AIDA Cruise Lines for 3 years. She received her training at The New England Center for Circus Arts in the Professional Track Program and has a foundational dance and figure skating background. Wise Fool New Mexico is where her circus journey began in 2010, and will always hold a special place in her heart.