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BUST! 6-Week Circus Intensive

$200 Purchase required to enroll

2018 BUST will be May 19th - July 8th.

BUST! seeks to be a socially engaged circus intensive for people who self identify as women or gender- non conforming. All shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds and ability levels are welcome. In this workshop, students participate in:

  • circus disciplines (trapeze, fabric, stilt-walking, acrobalance, and more!),
  • physical theater exercises,
  • and embodied discussion
as a way to:
  • explore notions of strength,
  • build community,
  • examine femininity,
  • deconstruct the gender binary, and
  • uncover deeper layers of thought and embodiment that inform performance.

As a culmination of this exploration, students create a show to be performed on July 6th and 7th at the Wise Fool studio.

BUST has changed our format from a scholarship based program to an equity based system, meaning each participant will pay according to their ability/income. The scale of fees runs from $200 to $1000 with potential for some tuitions below or above this range.

Financial Transparency

The overall program cost is $20,000 or @ $200 per hr of workshop time. This means that with 20 participants it costs Wise Fool ten dollars an hour per participant. BUST offers each participant approximately 95 hours of instruction, training, life coaching, and supervised rehearsal time - so each participant would need to pay $950 for the program to run on its own. Wise Fool heavily subsidizes BUST with grant funding to make it more accessible. This year we are asking each participant to place themselves on the scale between $200 and $1000 based on income and other forms of financial support. We may include work trade to help balance costs.

How it works/Buy into Equity

We want to affirm that any person interested in the program should not be deterred by cost, we will work to make space for you! If you are someone who can place yourself on the higher end, you are not only supporting your own BUST experience but building in a support system for students who cannot place themselves on the higher end. You are also helping to create a more socially responsible and financially accessible program that honors each participant’s right to experience BUST regardless of the cost.

At full tuition BUST is less than half the cost of most circus classes nationwide. So if you can offer full tuition or can place yourself on the higher end please do! And know you are creating space for other participants who may otherwise not have accessed the program at all.

With all that in mind please fill out the financial aspect of the BUST questionnaire with honesty and consideration of all your support systems.

      EQUALITY             EQUITY

Cancellation policy Upon registration $100 of your total deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel before April 25th, you will receive a refund for the remainder of your tuition. Cancellations received between April 25th and May 10th will receive a half refund, and cancellations after May 10th will receive not refund, except in extreme circumstances.
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