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(AC) Striptease as Reclamation - Queerlesque

$31 per class From $29 per visit with (AC) Ground Class - Session Pass (6 weeks) pass No purchase required to enroll
Striptease as Reclamation - Queerlesque Burlesque is a performance art of sensual, theatrically exaggerated storytelling. In theory, many styles of storytelling work on the burlesque stage, but in practice, the main character of those stories are usually women, and the climax is her reveal, be that one bare leg, her whole body (and all of its intersections). The striptease is a story about the person, told by the person, potentially in direct contrast to the expected story told by society (like, WARNING: ASSIGNED-MALE BABY WILL EXPLODE IF TOUCHED BY PINK).
Now enter the world of the queer. We collectively reject binary categorizations of gender identity and compulsive assumptions of sexual orientation. We undo societal restrictions and shame, to act and present the way we want to, and to connect and love others authentically. Queer allows identity to be expansive.

This is a safe space for a queer-centric deconstruction of burlesque. It's a movement class, and also a gender studies, burlesque theory, queer theory class mixed with self-confidence bootcamp. To reclaim the striptease, you'll learn the fundamentals of the stripping, teasing, performance art, gender performativity, and storytelling in the most theoretical way possible. Then we'll apply that theory to reconstruct those elements into Queerlesque: an artform that tells your story for a community that gets it.

It takes a lot of guts for queer people to stand up and perform something real on stage, after living in a world that says who you are is wrong, that you should be and act a certain way. That's what this class is for - creating a safe space to tell your story and finding the community to receive you whole.

This class is drop-in accessible, but each class synergizes with the next and the prior. Each week teaches a different tool, then applies all the tools collected thus far; the more tools you have, the easier. For stripping, bring a loose fitting tank top, crop top, or short sleeved shirt. Also bring something that opens from the front, like a button down or a jacket. If you've taken Queer Burlesque before, consider this the 201 version of that 101 class.